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We believe, following a lot of research, that there are now only 3 people in the northern hemisphere still with the name Mulelly. If you think you know anyone with this name please let us know. Please note the spelling. M-U-L-E-L-L-Y, not MULLALLY, MULALLY, MULLELY etc. These 3 are: myself-Ian, my wife Ann and our daughter Jill. My father, Ron Mulelly, died in 2006 at the age of 91 and our daughter Lynn became a Cooper in 2008 when she married Paul. Ron had two sisters Margaret Lynch (nee Mulelly) who lived near Manchester and died in November 2011 aged 85, and Lilian Clayton (nee Mulelly) who lived in Cornwall and died in March 2009 at the age of 91. From another branch of the family there was Leslie and Dorothy Mulelly - sadly both passed on but survived by two daughters Kate and Judy (who are both married). Kate has spent many years researching into the history of the Mulellys.
We now think that in the early 1800's the name was probably MULLALY but, either by design or by accident, it got changed to MULELLY. The 'ancestral' home of the family is the Manchester/Salford area although before the change of name the family most probably came from Ireland.
There are some "late entries" into the Mulelly Clan, all from the Antipodes. Debbie Mulelly, now living in Australia, but originally from New Zealand; Debbie is the daughter of Paddy and Pansy Mulelly and she has a sister Cindy. It is not clear if they are still using the surname MULELLY. Jasmine Mulelly has also made contact from new Zealand, and she tells me that she has some brothers, and is aware of some Mulellys in Australia - which may (or may not) be Debbie's family.
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Updated 16th March 2015