Another frustrating, even upsetting year - or it might have been if we had let it get to us. Thankfully, we have all been tripple jabbed and despite some close calls have avoided Covid. Ann had a new hip in September and is now able to walk. Ian & Lynn walked over the top of the O2 Area and Grace got her first Center Parcs experience.Lynn and Paul have moved again, this time back to Shrivenham, and at the moment they are above the snow-line in the Cairngorms with Tom. Jill, Phil and Grace, now 3yrs old, are still in Ladywell. To our amazement Ann's 21 yr old VW Beetle is allow to go into the ULEZ which is critcal for us as Ladywell is now inside the zone.Sadlly we had to say farewell to our stroppy, but much loved, Siamese cat Rosie; but after a suitable paws of 6 months we have now taken on Gin & Tonic-two hyperactive Siamese kittens. Willow is not happy! After some thought we decided to use the annual photograph to focus on the enjoyable things that happened to the family during this otherwise dismal year.

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